I have written over 250 essay reviews. Created reviews for cover letters, and resumes. Designed and wrote curriculum for middle school students. Created and wrote blog entries. Rewrote information for a general audience.


Using search engines like Google, researched information on various projects: grants, screenplays, essays, and blogs.  Used databases to pull statistical information. Researched and developed grant proposals for clients.


Taught 3 years (4050 classroom hours) as a middle school teacher. Taught essay, story, poetry, and other nonfiction writing. Taught reading focusing on different note taking techniques. Taught ELL students. Taught and created project based work through IB-MYP curriculum.  Online tutoring.

Project Development

Developed and founded film festival. For 10 years, scouted films and recruited filmmakers for festival. Managed venues: equipment setup, personnel, materials, Q & A, changes, breakdown, and equipment return. Helped develop long term planning and short term planning for film festival focus, themes, talent, programming, and other cultivation activities.


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